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The early 80's saw several executive directors and locations for LACIV, but by 1985 the three staff members and several volunteers settled into office space at Cal State L.A. Board President Bob Kleist and LACIV Executive Director Clare Ricci are pictured welcoming the Director of the U.S. Information Agency, Charles Wick to L.A.

The decade ended with new stability for LACIV. The name changed to the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA); the office moved to the newly renovated Biltmore Court; the city of L.A. provided needed funding; and Robin Hincliffe, pictured welcoming visitors, took the helm as Executive Director. 

When the World Affairs Council ended its role in the International Visitor Program, Mayor Tom Bradley recognized the importance of the program and recruited civic leaders to keep it going. With startup funds from supporters, office space from Arthur Anderson, one telephone and a typewriter, the L.A. Council for International Visitors (LACIV) was born.

Dedicated volunteers kept the program functioning in the 1980's. Board Members such as Caroline Ahmanson, Bob Kleist, William Pagen and Walter Ralphs set policies for the new organization. Volunteers assisting with all aspects of the program, included Maurine Ruzek, Dorothy Mendelson, Dick Dommes, Mary Dee Romney, Maria Wrigley and Jo Roskam, who is pictured with the President of Gambia on his visit to Los Angeles in 1989.

Bob Kleist lobbied for support and sang IVCLA's praises to all who would listen. He is pictured with other dedicated board members, Ginger Barnard, Bee Lavery, and Ned Munger in 1992. 

1999 marked the 10th Fulbright Luncheon hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Amarjit Marwah. Pictured are friends Rodney Punt, Ethelda Singer and Greta Peck enjoying the event with Dr. Marwah.

IVCLA hosted 10 Ukrainian professionals in its first Community Connections Program. The program was created for participants from the former Soviet Bloc countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.


Following the first successful International Citizen of the Year Awards Dinner in 1989, 1990's gala was equally successful, honoring long-time IVCLA supporter Caroline Ahmanson. She is pictured with Mr. & Mrs. Art Linkletter recognizing her dedication to creating international understanding.


The 9-11 tragedy focused the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on improving understanding to help end the violence shattering our world. IVCLA hosted the first IVLP group of Afghan women after the fall of the Taliban. CA Assemblyman Bob Pacheco is pictured presenting them with commendations at a reception hosted by Southern California Edison.

Dick Dommes, the familiar voice calling members for home hospitality for more than 20 years, "retired" from his position in 2009. Gohar Grigorian, Shafia Mir, and Wafa Hoballah, board member and former IVCLA Board Chair thank Dick for his dedication.

IVCLA has always appreciated the many elected officials who take time to meet with International Visitors, and was thankful to begin the new decade with greatly needed funding from the County of Los Angeles. Pictured is L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley meeting with visitors.

IVCLA was pleased to welcome the first IVLP delegation from Iraq in 2004. IVCLA arranged a full program for them, providing the opportunity to share information with many Angelenos. The six Iraqi's are pictured during a discussion at Manual Arts High School.

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