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Los Angeles

ICDLA offers a tangible way to make a difference in the world. Our exchange programs connect Angelenos with emerging international leaders and foster international collaborations, enabling great people to do even greater things!

Working since 1980 to increase international understanding and cooperation, International Citizen Diplomacy of Los Angeles (ICDLA), formerly the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA), arranges people-to-people exchanges between emerging international leaders and the citizens of the Los Angeles region. ICDLA's citizen diplomacy exchanges bring first-hand information about the rest of the world to Angelenos and provide international policy and opinion leaders with the opportunity to see with their own eyes the challenges and opportunities that define the Los Angeles region. These exchanges begin dialogues that would not otherwise be possible.

Each year ICDLA arranges professional meetings, cultural visits and home hospitality for nearly one thousand policy and opinion leaders from more than 100 countries. ICDLA International Visitors have one goal in common: to seek a greater understanding of the United States, its people, ideas, attitudes, and lifestyles. ICDLA Citizen Diplomats welcome people who are working to solve global issues that impact us all. ICDLA is dedicated to our vision of creating peace and prosperity for our community, our country and our world. 


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