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Does ICDLA arrange travel services and tours for visitors vacationing in Los Angeles?


No, ICDLA works directly with private and public sponsors, including the U.S. Department of State, to set up professional meetings, home hospitality and cultural arrangements for participants in the International Visitor Leadership Program, or similar international programs.

Does ICDLA provide tourism information, such as hotel recommendations and sightseeing information?

No, ICDLA does not provide this type of information for individuals traveling to the Los Angeles Area. For tourism information, please visit Discover LA, the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board. 

Is ICDLA part of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board?

No, while ICDLA works with L.A. Tourism to help promote Los Angeles through our exchange programs and they support the work of ICDLA, we are a completely separate organization. 

Who qualifies for the International Visitor Leadership Program?


Participants in the International Visitors Leadership Program must be nominated by an American Embassy in their country of origin and complete a series of interviews with Embassy officials.

Do International Visitors only travel to Los Angeles?


While some programs, such as the Open World Program, travel only to Los Angeles, most programs start in Washington D.C. and travel to several cities throughout the U.S. To learn more, click here

How can I become involved with ICDLA?


There are many ways to get involved with ICDLA: become an ICDLA Citizen Diplomat, meet with visitors as a professional resource, or support ICDLA as a Corporate Sponsor or Ambassador. For more information about how to get involved, click here.



Are Citizen Diplomats required to host visitors in their home?


No, while Home Hospitality is a benefit you can enjoy as a Citizen Diplomat, it is not required. Some of our members choose to take visitors to a restaurant or not host at all. There are many other benefits and events you can participate in as a Citizen Diplomat. 

Can I keep in contact with International Visitors I have hosted when they return to their country of origin?


Absolutely! It is ICDLA's mission to create lasting connections between International Visitors and people in Los Angeles through professional meetings, home hospitality and ICDLA events.

If I am traveling abroad, may I contact ICDLA International Visitor Alumni?


Yes, if you are an ICDLA member, we will conduct a complimentary search of the International Visitor Alumni located where you intend to travel and with whom you share interests. Many alumni look forward to meeting our members in their home country.

How are professional meetings arranged with International Visitors?


Each International Visitor or group of visitors has a specific topic or theme on which their program focuses. Professional Resources in the selected field are contacted by ICDLA program officers prior to the visitors' arrival. If the Professional Resource is available, a meeting time is arranged with the visitors. ICDLA encourages an open exchange of ideas. 

How are professional resources chosen to meet with International Visitors?


There is no formal selection process to become a Professional Resource. ICDLA is always looking for professionals in all fields to meet with International Visitors. If you are interested in becoming a Professional Resource, please contact us.

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